We are changing the way healthcare is delivered to public safety workers

Rebound’s sports medicine approach quickly brings the highest level of care to injured first responders.¬†

We build true partnerships with municipalities, insurance companies and healthcare providers, all of whom have a stake in the well-being of our local heroes.

It’s our duty to protect those who protect us.


We make it easy to get better

We eliminate traditional healthcare roadblocks to get injured public safety workers into a specialist fast. We connect you with the very best doctors and therapists in your region immediately, and guide you through follow-up appointments and complex paperwork. We keep your department up to speed, too. If you have questions or concerns, we get answers.

We cut through the red tape

Through our partnerships with insurance companies, providers, and municipalities, we are able to break down the typical healthcare barriers and get public safety workers the care they need. Through these partnerships we are able to get them back to work 30% faster than the typical treatment plan.

We have the best providers

You don’t push paper for a living, and when you get injured the doctors you see should understand that. Our network of clinicians and therapists are sports medicine trained, so they are experts at treating patients with heavy duty jobs. And they are dedicated to giving you priority scheduling and procedures.


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