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Our new Vitality Division harnesses the power of technology, data and concierge-level services to safeguard employee well-being. 

Vitality services are forward thinking and focused on identifying factors that put members at risk for disease, pathology and musculoskeletal injury. 

Innovation, technology, research and data help you feel your best

Safe Movement & Muscle Recovery

3D movement analysis to accurately assess risk of injury and corrective work with a certified athletic trainer.

Access and education with leading recovery devices to rest and restore fatigued muscles.

Cardiology Screening & Nutrition

Rebound's proprietary blood test identifies cardiology risk factors associated with public safety jobs. If a referral is needed, we connect you with a specialist who understands your job. We also offer nutrition guidance, a key to any heart health program.

Oncology Screening

Our proprietary blood test is designed to identify cancer risk factors associated with public safety work. If a referral is needed, we connect you with a specialist, from one of the country's top cancer institutions, who understands your job.

Behavioral Health


How science drives better health for first responders

Did you ever wonder how elite athletes maintain their strength, health and performance despite putting their bodies through the wringer?

Advancements in the world of sports medicine are a big factor. Wearable technology delivers precise data that can be analyzed and used to correct movement and reduce risk of injury. Recovery technology can revive muscles after exertion in a fraction of the time. Blood analysis can screen for risk factors that cause illnesses.

Rebound Vitality brings this same sports medicine approach to public safety workers to reduce risk of injury and illness. Public safety workers are challenged physically every day, and we’re here to keep them stay healthy, strong and energized.  

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