Eat like a world-class athlete

Helping public safety workers attain their nutrition goals

Rebound Vitality’s sole mission is to help public safety workers feel and perform their best, which is why we’ve partnered with Trifecta, the country’s leading meal prep service for athletes whose goal is to get America back into shape again.

That ambition includes public safety workers, whose demanding and stressful jobs often mean they’re gulping down meals between emergency runs, skipping food altogether due to lack of time, or resorting to fast food to get something quick, hot and easy.

Nutrition plays an incredibly important role in your overall well-being and work performance, given the physically demanding nature of your work. We love that Trifecta’s nutrition plans are science-based, but chef inspired, offering a convenient total nutrition solution delivered right to your door.  All meals are organic and options can appeal to any palate or dietary need.

The best part? If you register on our website as a part of our community, you’ll receive a bonus 20% off your first Trifecta order.


Explore popular Trifecta meal plans

Trifecta Keto Meal Plan
Keto Meal Plan
High fat, low carb diet made simple
Trifecta Paleo Meal Plan Rebound Vitality
Paleo Meal Plan
Dairy- and grain-free meals with grass-fed protein, and organic fruits and vegetables
Trifecta Clean Meal Plan Rebound Vitality
Clean Meal Plan
No preservatives or artificial ingredients
Trifecta Vegan Meal Delivery Rebound Vitality
Vegan Meal Plan
Plant-based proteins for a sustainable lifestyle
Trifecta Vegetarian Meal Plan Rebound Vitality
Vegetarian Meal Plan
Organic produce, eggs and plant-based proteins

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