move more safely on the job

As public safety workers, you put your body to the test every day. Vitality’s Safe Movement program uses cutting edge technology, research, data and proven training techniques to reduce risk of injury and improve performance.



Vitality uses the ViPerform Athletic Movement Index (AMI) to determine your risk of injury.

You will perform a series of exercises while wearing revolutionary 3-D sensors that accurately capture your movements. 

This unique pairing of technology and data results in the most objective and reliable analysis of potential gaps in your musculoskeletal framework.


After your test, a certified Vitality Movement Specialist interprets your personal report and determines the most effective corrective exercise program for you.

Your movements are compared with sophisticated algorithms based on one of the world’s largest databases of athletic movement.

Vitality Movement Specialists understand the science behind the AMI, as well as new data that is driving better performance.



You’ll be given a series of exercises and workouts to address your risk factors. You can workout with colleagues or on your own.

You’ll be guided by your Vitality Movement Specialist, who will review your progress and make recommendations.

Lastly, you’ll have access to Trifecta, a leading organic, clean meal delivery platform designed to enhance athletic performance.  


Benefits for employees

Benefits for employers

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