When you're injured,
we are there for you

Public safety jobs are physically challenging, and injuries are common.

Rebound delivers access to fast, high-quality care to injured workers using sports medicine principles. We prioritize quality of treatment through our partners, speed, and a concierge experience for our members that will return them to work, and their lives.


We simplify your journey through a complex healthcare system


Your first call to Rebound immediately deploys our team, which is devoted to your complete recovery.


When you call for help, we connect you with our partner specialists who treat your injury. We give you options that work for you, and you will see a specialist within 24 to 48 hours and receive a diagnosis within 72 hours.


Rebound partner healthcare clinicians are trained in the kinds of injuries public safety workers experience.


Many of our hand-picked partner doctors and therapists are sports medicine trained and understand the serious injuries public safety workers suffer. They are committed to your healing and make you a priority.


We are with you every step of the way, removing obstacles and ensuring your treatment is going to plan.


Our Advocates manage your case - making appointments, checking in on your progress, informing stakeholders - so all you have to do is concentrate on getting better.

Why our methodology makes the difference in faster healing

When a professional athlete gets injured, they get immediate access to specialists with experience in their types of injuries, and they often receive a diagnosis within hours. This expedited treatment – called sports medicine – was developed to return that player to their team healthy and as quickly as possible. 

Rebound delivers access to expedited, high-quality treatment for injured first responders because their jobs are even more physically challenging and often dangerous. 

Instead of waiting weeks or months to see a specialist, Rebound members see a partner specialist within 24 to 48 hours and receive a definitive diagnosis within 72 hours. Also, our team follows each member through the recovery process until they return to work at 100 percent, while also keeping all stakeholders informed.


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