Rebound allows you to focus on what you do best by putting care first

You focus on your core priority – providing care to patients who are motivated to get better to return to their jobs and their lives. Rebound handles the hassles generally associated with workers compensation cases. 

Dr. Gertel: President of Milwaukee Orthopaedic Group Ltd.

"Rebound is selective of who is on their panel of doctors. They are leaders in their field and have high success rates. It’s an honor to be selected to work with Rebound."

Benefits for Rebound Providers

Motivated Patients

Because their jobs are physically demanding, public safety workers generally are healthy, fit and driven. Our program is optional, which means you are getting only the patients who truly want to get better.

Focus on Care

Rebound allows you to concentrate on what you do best - delivering care. Our Advocates function as the liaison between your practice, the patient and the municipality; communicating the care plan and keeping everyone informed of the patient's progress.

No Referral Fees

Our goal is to connect first responders with excellent medical providers. We do not charge providers to be a part of the Rebound network. Your only obligation is to provide superior care, and see the patient as quickly as possible.

Reduce Authorization Delays

Rebound expedites communication between medical providers and workers compensation carriers, reducing authorization lags and simplifying the process for providers.

Increased patient volume

Rebound covers both public safety workers and their immediate families. Currently, Rebound offers services to 13,000+ members and 29,000+ family members

Firsthand experience

Rebound requires all providers complete training to get personal experience with the physical actions, gear, and daily obstacles of first responders. As a result, providers are equipped to create a custom care plan designed with the first responder in mind.

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If you are an injured Rebound member, contact us by phone or email

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email