Know your risk of cancer

Public safety workers face a greater chance of cancer beyond the general public. 

Vitality’s proprietary Oncology Risk Management program tackles these issues preemptively, and our partners for diagnosis and treatment are among the very best in their fields.

Cancer risks are real, and we can help


Assessment & RefeRral

Our sports medicine approach means we start with an analysis of your risk of cancer.

Vitality’s Oncology Risk Management Assessment is unique, because we ask questions about your work, including hazards and exposures that may increase your potential for becoming ill.

If our assessment indicates concern, we will immediately refer you to a trusted partner for expedited diagnosis and treatment.

Our partner: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Just like when we launched Rebound’s injury recovery program, we needed to find partners who are the best in their field. The same holds true for our quest to improve oncology services for public safety workers.

We’ve found that partner in the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, considered among the world’s leading oncology institutes that consistently outperforms other treatment facilities. When compared with similar data sets from the National Cancer Institute, CTCA reported longer length of life results, a key metric in fighting cancer. Patients also reported significant improvements in quality of life and overall healthcare experience with CTCA.

Here are just a few of the many benefits when you seek treatment with Vitality’s partner, CTCA:

Priority scheduling

Appointments available within 24 hours

Expedited analysis

Treatment plan within three days; biopsy within 5 days, if needed

Logistics assistance

Concierge travel support, including flights, train and mileage

Culinary services

Fresh, organic meals at an affordable price

2nd Opinion

Virtual second opinion at a Vitality-negotiated discount

Call or email now to find out more

Call or email now to find out more

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email