Recover Faster

If you’ve ever left work with aching muscles because you put your body to the test, Rebound Vitality has the solution for you. 

Harnessing science and technology, we are bringing professional sports-level devices and techniques to help your muscles recover in a fraction of the time it takes with simple rest and sleep.

What is Muscle Recovery?

When functioning optimally, our bodies naturally overcome and adapt to physical stress with proper nutrition, good sleep and regular time off.

However, over time and with over use, the body often needs help to maintain wellness and avoid injury and illness. Research shows that recovery from physical exertion is one of the most important aspects of activity and overall well-being. 

Technology and research are paving the way to faster muscle recovery, and the impact can be seen in the achievements of elite athletes, who continue to perform week after week, despite extreme training and exertion. 

We consider public safety workers on par with athletes, because they are putting their bodies to the test every day. 

And now Vitality is bringing the same leading muscle recovery technology and training to these workers in our partnership with Normatec and Hyperice. These companies offer industry-leading recovery systems designed to enhance blood flow through pulsation, distal release and gradients.

This technology can offer the same amount of high-quality muscle recovery as 12 hours of sleep.

Rebound Vitality Recovery Zones

The Rebound Vitality Recovery Zone is designed to help you feel better – faster.

Cutting-edge technology is speeding up the body’s ability to repair itself.

Rebound Vitality has partnered with Normatec, the leader in athletic recovery technology for a full-body musculoskeletal system to address the physical exertion public safety workers experience. Devices target: shoulders, hips, legs and back.

When your department installs a Rebound Vitality Recovery Zone, we’ll help with location and expert training to get the most out of each device.

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Call or email now to learn more about muscle recovery

Call or email now to learn more about muscle recovery

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email

If you are injured, contact us by phone or email